Sunday, 30 November 2008

I'm Not at Liberty to Divulge that Information

In the unlikely event that I ever manage to qualify as a BSL Interpreter, I have just realised that my blogging career will be over before it’s even really begun. I suppose it’s obvious that Sign Language Interpreters are bound by a strict code of conduct to protect the confidentiality of their Deaf clients. I hadn’t realised quite how strict. I’ve been doing some background reading for my course - "Encounters with Reality: 1001 Interpreter Scenarios" by Brenda E. Cartwright.

If you have an interpreting assignment, you’re not allowed to divulge who the client was, the nature of the assignment, where it was held or any information that you've translated. You’re not supposed to say anything. At all. Ever. You’re apparently not even allowed to tell your partner why you’re leaving the house or how long you’ll be gone. It’s worse than being a spy. If I’m ever cut to pieces by a mad axe murderer, my husband is unlikely to raise the alarm for weeks anyway, so with this added cloak of secrecy, I’m doomed.

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