Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Elasticated Waistbands are So Practical

When I first went to university 25 years ago, full grants and no loans hanging over us meant that part-time jobs were rare.

I was chatting to one of the youngsters at college, one of the proper students, when she mentioned that she attends pole-dancing classes. I know that some students end up working in the "sex industry" to supplement their income, but I hadn't realised that the training of new recruits was so well organised. "It's an exercise class." she told me "It really firms up your abs. You should try it". The latter comment was directed at another student sitting at the lunch table with us, rather than at me. "Ooh" her friend said, interested, "What kind of clothes do you have to wear to the class?" I suggested something easy to tuck money into, but they ignored me.

I'm lucky enough not to need a part time job, let alone one that requires such well developed interpersonal skills. I fear that I would be unable to compete in a market flooded with lithe 18 year olds. My options would surely be limited to fulfilling very specialised requirements for a niche clientèle or taking up a managerial role.

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